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Print & Export

You can print the Charge Listing or Payment Listing from the screen. You can also export any report to Excel.

To print: Click the print button: . Your browser may show a yellow bar that blocks an activex from being installed. If so, right click on that bar to say yes to install the active x. A print dialog will appear. Click OK to print. The Advanced report has too many columns to print well.

To Export to Excel if you have MS Excel or Open Office: Click on the Excel button . Click OK to export. Then, click ok to open with Excel. You may then need to double click to open the file. Finally, you may see an error about opening a file in a different format, but that is expected. Just click ok.

(Note that open office is a free competitor of MS Excel that you can download and install if you do not have MS Excel.)

To return to your report: Click the BACK button above

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